Law German Shepherds
is the essential component for a well mannered dog. We offer private and group training sessions .
Serve & Protect

We appreciate our military and police in keeping us safe. We do offer a special discount to those who protect and serve.

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Law German Shepherds is a family owned business  conveniently located 45 minutes east of Asheville, NC and 30 minutes west of Hickory, NC. A perfect view of the North Carolina Mountains.  K9 enthusiasts for the German Shepherd , Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

Wade is a Retired Sheriff K9 Handler from Central Florida, he has attended various schools for K9 training. Such as, Basic Patrol/Obedience/ Narcotics Detection/Tracking / Area Searches / Handler Protection/Building Search and Decoy Agitator. His years as a K9 handler were the most exciting. He achieved his certifications with the state of Florida from the Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training in 1995. He certified with his K9 partner, Harley. Prior to this, Wade achieved his certification for Basic K9 Training & Narcotics Detection in 1994. Where he continued to further his knowledge with various Law Enforcement Agencies through out Central Florida.

Wade and his K9 partner, Harley were deployed when needed for Narcotics Detection, Building Searches for suspects in the progress of committing a crime and for apprehension of criminals up to and including tracking. After deciding to retire in 2000, Wade and Linda decided to the mountains in Western North Carolina. Our love for the German Shepherd Breed has led us to breed and train them for obedience, protection and search & rescue. Since we have started Law German Shepherds our objective is to breed the best bloodlines for Police, Search & Rescue, Service Aid Dogs and most of all your family companion and protector. Our main goal is to educate our clients on the German Shepherd breed. As this breed may not be suitable for everyone. Proper socialization from the very start is very important to us. As we are a very active family we enjoy working our dogs on a daily basis. Exposing them too many surroundings as possible. German Shepherds are highly intelligent and require a task. Therefore, we offer various training from puppy socializations, obedience, tracking, protection to behavioral modifications.