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Name:  Hanz von der Law

Breed:  German Shepherd

DOB:  11/29/2009

This stunning male is one of our newest additions to our breeding program. Hanz is a gorgeous black & red male.  A very confident and independent male.  He displays great hunt and prey drives.  He has a natural guarding and herding skills and should pass these instincts on to his progeny.  His pedigree goes back to some of the finest working lines, such as Axel vom Ron and Pedro Ze Zelene Uxlabiny, ZPO1, ZVV2, ZV1, SchH1

Hanz is avaiable as stud to approved females only.


Name:  Iyko von der Law aka Jake

Breed:  German Shepherd

​DOB:  10/17/2008

Sire:  Ayko vom Brockengiphel

Dam: Diva von der Law

Jake is a gorgeous black & tan male.

Son of Ayko vom Brockengiphel, SchH3.  Correct body structure and well even temperament.  Exceptional ball drive and has a full mouth grip on sleeve.  Deep vocal bark when alerting.  Attentive to his surroundings who doesn't miss a thing.  Jake is great with kids and loves to be center of attention.  Jake is certified in seven different scents for narcotics.  

Jake is available for stud to approved females only.  

Name:  Panzer

Breed:  Dutch Malinois

DOB:  09/03/2007

 Panzer was originally imported from Germany to the United States to begin his training for Patrol, Narcotic Detection and Search & Rescue. Trained with Brevard County Sheriff Department in Florida. and  obtain his certification  in narcotics detection with The National Narcotic Detector Dog Assoication.  He is now retired from his law enforecement career with many accomplishments to be proud of.. We are pleased to have the opportunity in adding Panzer to our facilities. 

Panzer is available for stud to approved females only.


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