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Jacqui is a gorgeous sable female. Very stable temperament with championship bloodlines!! Her father is Aik vom Thal Schwarzen Wolfe , Sch III and her mom is Feenia vom Seeheimer Wald, ScH I. She is a medium size female with srong ball drives. A very outgoing female who is a pleasure to work with. She is extremley athletic and agile.

Name:  Samantha von der Law

Breed: German Shepherd

DOB:    03/31/2010

Name:  Kobra Berkenmeer Dark Fall

Breed:  Belgian Malinois

DOB:  03/12/2011

Name:  Remmie von der Law

Breed: Dutch Shepherd

DOB:    02/27/2013

Remmie is a second generation Dutch Shepherd from our kennels.  She is a gorgeous brindle Dutch Shepherd,  as was her mother.  Like her mother she has a very loyal and sweet temperament.  However, not to be confused with her ability to be the Alpha female and quick to protect, as needed.  She is very agile and ball crazy.  Very attentive to her surroundings and quick to alert,  Once inside in the evening she settles right down to become apart of the family.  

Meet Samantha.  She is a gorgeous black & tan female.  Samantha is an Alpha female showing great interest in tracking.  She is very attentive to her surroundings. Quick to alert. She is very social with humans but can be very alpha with other dogs, including males. Samantha has a well balanced temperament and very driven in her training.  We are excited to have her added to our breeding program.  


Kobra is an import from Serbia. She is a high spirited, loving female. Kobra has crazy ball drives. Very agile and quick.  Kobra is obedience train and is currently starting on her next phase in protection training. Her grip is hard and firm.  She is not handler aggressive. In fact, she is eager to please her handler. Her pedigree consists of the finest lines out of Serbia. Kobra has all the qualities necessary to pass on to her offspring. We are pleased to have her in our breeding program. 

Name:  Jacqui von der Law

Breed:  German Shepherd

DOB:  05/18/2012

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