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Congratulations to Judgge & Kobra
on their puppies...........

born 01/18/2018

3 Males & 4 Females

Now Taking Deposits !!!!!!
Only 4 available - 3 Females and 1 Male



Law German Shepherds is proud to announce this litter born 01/15/2018!!!!  This breeding pair is a combination of German Shepherd X Belgian Malinois.  A blend of a well balanced dog giving our clients the best of both worlds. These puppies will be well suited for Police K9, Search and Rescue, Personal Protection and for Working Dog Clubs.  This breeding was bred for their working ability and not for registration !!!

The sire, Judgge is the son of Hanz and Jacqui von der Law.  Judgge has some of the finest working  lines in his pedigree, such as Axel vom Ron, Pedro Ze Zelene Uxlabine, ZP01, ZW2,ZV1 and SCH1, Aik vom Thai Schwarzen Wolfe, ScH3 and Feenia vom Seeheimer Wald, Sch1.  Judgge is a natural when it comes to protection. Quick to respond and shows awesome hunt and prey drives.  Very devoted to his handler and has recently displayed great qualities as a Therapy/Service Dog.   All great qualities to pass off to his off spring.

The dam, Kobra, an import from Serbia, is a beautiful fawn in coloring Beligian Malinois.   She brings some of the finest lines out of Serbia.  An outgoing female who is absolutely ball crazy.  Solid firm grip in her protection training.  Very attentive to her surroundings and quick to alert,  At the end of they day she loves to come inside and settle down and become the protector of the home.

We expect these puppies to have all the drives of both parents.  Suitable for Police K9, Search & Rescue and Personal/Home Protection.  All of our puppies are born and raised in the home to ensure proper socialization from the start.  These puppies will be up to date on shots, wormings and will be vet checked prior to leaving the premises.  

Puppies will be available to go into their approved homes 03/15/2018.